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Cashier Checkout Station Lights & Numbers

Our modern Electronic Queuing Systems is the fastest way and easiest solution to eliminate frustrating and confusing queue line situations when serving customers in the order they arrive.
With just a simple push-of a button on a wireless remote controller, agents instantly alert the next customer waiting in line and effortlessly guide them to an open service stand or cashier position using both audio and visuals from the LCD display. Additionally, multiple queuing systems can be configured to work together, allowing agents to use their remote controller to call customers from other service queues.
In a more simple situations only Cashier Check-Out Station Lights can be used to indicate the next available check-out point or cashier station.
Our Cashier Check-Out Station Lights come in different variations and can be custom ordered to indicate desired numbers, logos and other custom artwork material.
Choose between pole-mounted or wall-mounted versions, as well as White Frameless Panel or Clear Laser Etched Panel styles with a colored numbers or custom artwork.

For more information, please call our Electronic Queuing Specialist Direct Line (800)801-7691 or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Cashier Station Lights White Frameless Panel black numbers Cashier Station Lights White Frameless Panel

White Light Panel with any color number

Our Price: $251.00
Cashier Station Lights Laser Etched numbers Cashier Station Lights Laser Etched

Clear Panel with laser etched number

Our Price: $251.00
Wall-Mounted White Frameless Lights white panel Cashier Station Lights Wall Mounted Frameless

White Light Panel

Our Price: $251.00
Wall-Mounted Clear Laser Etched Lights Cashier Station Lights Laser Etched Wall Mounted

Clear Panel with color numbers

Our Price: $251.00