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Retractable Belt Stanchions from Lavi Industries

Browse our collection of premium quality retractable Beltrac Stanchions from U.S. leading manufacturer Lavi Industries

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Queue Solutions

Queue Solutions

Belt Barriers

Queue Solutions is the market leading manufacturer of queuing stanchions and crowd control barricades.

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by Tensator (Former Lawrence Metal Products)

Tensabarier retractable stanchions are the industry's classic. ADA compliant, single or multiple-belt, rolling base, etc.

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QLine Thin-Base

QLine Thin-Base

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Ultra-Thin base allows to Safely and efficiently move your customers through all entrance and exit ways. ADA compliant.

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Our retractable barriers are a top-quality metal stanchions made or assembled by leading U.S.A. manufacturers.
They are ideal for organizing lines, queues or to section off an area of your floor space to regulate or restrict public access.
They feature a tough retractable belt made of woven nylon and a weighted base that makes them very stable and difficult to topple.
Retractable belt barriers are a most effective way to control and manage the queues and pedestrian traffic in busy areas such as banks, airports, train stations, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, theaters, parks, hospitals, public offices etc.
In case of emergency or social distancing requirements, they can help in controlling the flow of people in a disciplined manner.
Our crowd control stanchions can also be used to cordon the traffic in case of accident or other restrictions.
They are also most valuable for many businesses that must deal with a great number of customers visiting their public counters and cashier stations.
To increase the crowd management requirements the retractable belt barriers can be used in combination of post-top signage and custom printed messaging on the retractable belts.
Stanchions are available in many different sizes, styles, metal finishes and colors to match the different environments and to suit different needs.
We deal with only well-known U.S. manufacturers and brands to provide our customers with highest quality belt stanchions and barriers available on the market.
Our retractable belt barrier systems will definitely provide exceptional value to your business by helping to control and manage those crowds.